Equipment Maintenance Record

Last updated: June 20, 2018

What Does Equipment Maintenance Record Mean?

In spirometry, an equipment maintenance record concerns regular documentation input into a computer database system and details spirometer facts including serial number, warranty, manual instructions, and any repair service applied to the spirometer and/or any of its component accessories, calibration checks, and system upgrades. Technicians are responsible for providing their name, date, and time any service is rendered. Equipment maintenance records must be updated for each independent use, according to OSHA safety standards, for accurate and easy cross-reference purposes.


WorkplaceTesting Explains Equipment Maintenance Record

In spirometry, an equipment maintenance record is a computerized database system containing spirometer information such as model and serial number, instruction manual, hardware and software interface program versions, calibration checks, necessary repairs and/or manufacturer returns, and warranties, all of which are used to ensure operational efficiency coincides to OSHA-based standards. Technicians abide to a set time schedule, undertaking daily inspections of the equipment.

For example, mandatory calibration checks entail a series of preliminary tests to determine if the three-liter syringe unit connected to the spirometer indicates any anomalies in its performance such as leaks or blockage inside any orifices due to neglectful sanitation practices. As a result, variations outside normal calibration ranges are noted by a technician who assigns a date, time, and description of the issue, confirming any repairs made and whether returning the product back to its manufacturer for a replacement is in order. In addition, technicians will use a healthy person as a standard control model to account for a normal measurement rate between the average healthy lungs and its corresponding unhealthy lungs, comparing any deviation ranges existing between the standard value and the negative value.


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