Spatial Aptitude

What Does Spatial Aptitude Mean?

Spatial aptitude is one of several aptitudes or abilities that are identified using aptitude testing. A person with spatial aptitude has the ability to understand three dimensional shapes. The ability to imagine the movement and interaction of objects and shapes is a characteristic of spatial aptitude. The cognitive ability to visualize geometric shapes is a useful ability for individuals seeking careers in architecture, engineering, mathematics, and life sciences.


WorkplaceTesting Explains Spatial Aptitude

The U.S. Department of Labor developed a series of tests called the General Aptitude Test Battery (G.A.B.T.) to assist individuals in determining their strongest cognitive capabilities. Spatial aptitude is one of several different cognitive abilities identified through this test. This information gained from aptitude testing is used for job placement and career planning.

In recent years, the G.A.B.T. has been replaced with the Ability Profiler. The U.S. government is not the only organization that uses aptitude tests. Private and non-profit organizations often use aptitude testing to assist job seekers identify potential career paths. Employers may also look for specific aptitudes when screening potential employees.


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