Form Perception (FP)

Last updated: May 26, 2019

What Does Form Perception (FP) Mean?

Form perception refers to one of several different characteristics used to describe an individual's natural and learned abilities or aptitudes. A person with strong form perception abilities is able to quickly perceive details in drawings, objects, and images. Individuals who excel at form perception may notice shadows and shading more readily than others. They are able to distinguish slight differences in figures and shapes. Individuals who are skilled at form perception may be drawn to working in arts and crafts, technology, or quality control.


WorkplaceTesting Explains Form Perception (FP)

Form perception is one of nine abilities that is assessed by the U.S. Employment Service's Ability Profiler. The Ability Profiler assess an individuals skills and capabilities to determine his or her workplace aptitudes. Tests to help individuals determine their workplace aptitudes are widely used by vocational and career training programs. The U.S. Department of Labor's Occupational Information Network uses the Ability Profiler to assist job seekers in determining their personal strengths and weaknesses. A single individual may be skilled in several different areas. Because of this, aptitude testing is just one guide that can be used to assess a person's abilities.


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