Employment History

Last updated: June 20, 2018

What Does Employment History Mean?

A person's employment history includes a recording of all of his or her previous employment. Usually, an employment history will include each job held along with details about that job such as the length of employment and job description. Most job applications require prospective employees to list their employment history. This information may be used to assess a prospective hire's experience and capabilities.

In some instances, an employer may use this information to contact past employers to verify a person's employment or conduct a background check. Employment history may also be called work history.


WorkplaceTesting Explains Employment History

When filling out a job application or creating a resume, an individual will usually include an employment history. This (full or partial) listing of the past jobs the person held may ask for a few pieces of information or require more detail. In some cases, an employer may ask that the individual include internships and other unpaid positions on an employment history.

Basic information that may be included in an employment history include the name of the employer, position or positions held, and the dates of that employment. In some cases, additional information such as the location of employment, tasks performed, and compensation may also be included questions in an employment history although there are legal restrictions on what a prospective employer can legally ask.



work history

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