Follow-Up Information

What Does Follow-Up Information Mean?

Follow-up information is information gathered after an initial service has been provided. Follow-up information may be used to assess the effectiveness of the services provided to an individual or for tracking service provision to a group or population. Follow-up information may also be used to clarify or complete information gained earlier.


WorkplaceTesting Explains Follow-Up Information

Follow-up information is a useful tool for soliciting feedback and assessing the performance of a program or service. For instance, a follow-up study might be used to determine the effectiveness of a particular health care facility or a selected treatment protocol. Follow-up information is often required when an organization's services are funded by a third-party source, such a a private or government grant. Follow-up information may include feedback from recipients of the service or partner organizations. An employer providing data about the long-term performance of employees hired through a vocational training program is an example of this type of follow-up information.



Follow up information

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