Job Keeping Skills

Last updated: February 21, 2019

What Does Job Keeping Skills Mean?

Job keeping skills are the actions and abilities needed by an individual to retain his or her job once hired. These are the skills that every employee needs to know and understand in order to perform well on the job. Examples of job keeping skills include arriving to work on time, dressing appropriately for the job, and being honest. Job keeping skills may also be referred to as work habits or employability skills.


WorkplaceTesting Explains Job Keeping Skills

Job keeping skills will not always be explicitly included in a job description or employment handbook. However, a solid understanding of job keeping skills is important for anyone seeking to obtain and keep a job. These skills cross all levels and types of employment. Job keeping skills include an employee's personal work habits and ethics. These are transferable skills that an employee can use in any job.

Job keeping skills include many so-called soft skills such as cooperation, use of reasonable grammar, an acceptable level of self-care and hygene, possessing critical thinking abilities, and respect of workplace rules. Employment and vocational training programs often include lessons on job keeping skills.



work habits, employability skills

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