Vocational Rehabilitation Setting

Last updated: June 14, 2018

What Does Vocational Rehabilitation Setting Mean?

A vocational rehabilitation setting is a facility, often state-operated, that houses vocational rehabilitation counselors, training aids, and equipment to help people with mental and/or physical disabilities prepare for gainful employment. A vocational rehabilitation setting focuses on aligning career goal opportunities with a coordinated plan of action for individuals ready to enter or re-enter the job market. To qualify for vocational rehabilitation, applicants must meet a set criteria in which mental and/or physical limitations restrict their ability to hold a job.


WorkplaceTesting Explains Vocational Rehabilitation Setting

In a vocational rehabilitation setting, individuals are generally paired with a certified vocational counselor who works with individuals who need extra help due to disability (regardless of disability cause) to receive employment status.

A vocational rehabilitation setting serves to facilitate vocational training and skills assesment in a safe environment. For instance, people with blind or hearing deficits may require assistive technology equipment to improve efficiency at completing necessary tasks as instructed. Qualified applicants may receive free VR services from a government agency to develop, implement, and maintain a stable career foundation. However, since VR is not considered an entitlement program, individuals may be obligated to cover financial costs for benefits and programs such as insurance and higher education.

A vocational rehabilitation setting also entails a support system consisting of family, friends, and healthcare providers. The concerted effort on the part of the individual to reach their career-oriented goals is sustained by people who instill confidence and motivation. A vocational rehabilitation setting monitors progression as individuals prepare to transition into a school and/or workplace environment. The Ticket to Work Act is a federal mandate in the U.S. that allocates money to individuals with mental and/or physical disabilities to use towards VR programs and services. Once the individual receives sufficient job training and placement for a designated length of time, the VR entity can redeem the ticket value.


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