Background Check

Last updated: November 27, 2018

What Does Background Check Mean?

A background check, in the context of workplace safety, refers to obtaining confidential and public information accessible to employers for the purpose of verifying eligibility within the workplace. The basis for this procedure is to determine whether a candidate is fit for a particular role and may be subject to specific criteria in federal and state law statutes barring prohibition from employment for unjustified reasons.


WorkplaceTesting Explains Background Check

Background checks are a necessary component during the application process for all potential candidates. Employers request private and public information pertinent to the performance of a particular job in order to preserve safety and, ultimately, avoid liability. All employers require different information to assess the legitimate qualifications of any candidate depending on the nature of the job. Therefore, driving a cab will definitely necessitate a review and approval of a candidate’s driving record. Conversely, civil service jobs, such as teaching or law enforcement will legitimize a criminal background check for safety reasons. However, because background checks can be a slippery slope in terms of striking a balance between preserving company safety and protecting individual rights, employers must identify and follow state and federal regulations accordingly.


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