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Last updated: January 15, 2019

What Does A Sample Mean?

An A Sample is the first portion of a split sample of a biological specimine, usually urine or oral fluid but sometimes blood, collected from a person who is required to be tested for drugs. The A Sample is tested for the presence of drugs and the results are communicated to the person being tested as well as the authority requiring the test to be performed. If the results of the test on the A Sample are contested, the second specimen (B sample) may be tested at a different laboratory to confirm or refute the results.


WorkplaceTesting Explains A Sample

An employee may be required to undergo drug testing, either as a condition of their hire, after an accident in the workplace, as a result of suspicion of drug use at work, or as part of a random program. During collection of a biological specimen for drug testing, the sample is split into two containers and identified as A sample and B sample. The A Sample is the primary specimen used for testing with the B Sample is a backup, or confirmatory, sample should the A Sample show sample tampering or initial positive drug results that are disputed. In the event of the sample donor disputing the results, the B sample is sent to a different laboratory for testing to confirm or refute the A sample testing.


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