What Does Blackout Mean?

A blackout is a temporary condition where a person experiences a loss of memory or time. These episodes can be brought about by various factors such as alcohol or drug abuse, low blood pressure or blood sugar, seizures, or fainting spells. During this time the person may have impaired judgement and sight as well as an inability to walk or talk normally.


WorkplaceTesting Explains Blackout

A blackout is typically experienced by people who drink alcohol to the point where their blood alcohol content reaches 14% or more. At this level, the hippocampus region of the brain is unable to create memories. Blackouts can be partial or complete in nature. With a partial blackout, recollection of events can be triggered later, whereas no recollection is possible with a complete blackout. The factors that contribute to blackouts include weight, gender, type of alcohol consumed, and the rate of consumption. People who have undergone gastric bypasses, have a history of alcohol abuse, or genetic abnormalities may be particularly susceptible.


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