Last updated: May 25, 2018

What Does Paraphernalia Mean?

Paraphernalia, within the context of drug testing, is any item or piece of equipment that is primarily used to aid the preparation, consumption, or storage of controlled substances. Drug paraphernalia, although often misused, is sometimes portrayed or marketed to the public for legitimate uses. These items can either be purchased online, through mail order companies, at tobacco outlets or from novelty stores.


WorkplaceTesting Explains Paraphernalia

It is illegal for a person to sell, import, or distribute drug paraphernalia outside of regulations. This federal offense can carry a sentence of up to 3 years imprisonment as well as a fine. Drug paraphernalia can be categorized according to two criteria – those used for drug distribution and those used for drug consumption. Some examples of commonly used drug paraphernalia are needles, syringes, tin foil, plastic bags, pipes, cigarettes, e-cigarettes, bongs, lighters, small spoons, glue, and medicine containers. If an employee is found to be in possession of such items in the workplace, it may be a strong indication that they are using illicit drugs.


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