Conditional Job Offer

Last updated: June 29, 2018

What Does Conditional Job Offer Mean?

A conditional job offer is a verbal proposal made by an employer to a potential candidate interested in employment. Conditional job offers are based on specific contingencies reserved at the employer’s discretion to hire or decline employment once certain criteria has been successfully determined. This is a preliminary measure used by employers to demonstrate mutual interest in candidates who make good impressions following official approval of specific contingencies, such as background checks, drug screens and references.


WorkplaceTesting Explains Conditional Job Offer

Conditional job offers are established by employers as terms of acceptance after a formal interview is conducted. If employers are impressed with a potential candidate, then a conditional job offer will be made as a contingency, pending official approval from the human resources department. Employers set a precedent for company standards based on qualifications that each candidate must clear before he or she can be officially hired. These company standards are legal, enforceable by state and federal law, and are intended to protect the discretionary rights of employers based on certain nondiscriminatory variables. Conditional job offers are contingent on protocol measures that include background checks, criminal history, driving records and references. If candidates meet the criteria, employers will issue a company letter outlining full terms and conditions describing official employment.


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