Drug Paraphernalia

Definition - What does Drug Paraphernalia mean?

Drug paraphernalia includes items used in the consumption of illicit or legal drugs or items used to hide drug use. Drug paraphernalia can be made with household items or be purchased in-store, and are indicative of illicit or legal drug use. This is important for occupational health and safety in order for employers to recognize the signs of drug use at the work site.

WorkplaceTesting explains Drug Paraphernalia

Items used in the consumption of illicit or legal drugs include needles, pipes, bongs, burned foil squares, balloons, tubing, razor blades, or mirrors. Items used in hiding drug use include jewellery, hats, water bottles, glass vials, pill bottles, belt buckles, lipstick dispensers or cigarette packages.

Homemade drug paraphernalia includes toilet paper rolls, dryer sheets, spoons, straws or hollowed pens. Other items common with drug use are sunglasses to cover blood-shot eyes or breath fresheners to cover the smell of smoke.

If drug paraphernalia is found on the work site, employers should involve their Human Resources representative to assist the individual in receiving the help they need.

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