Last updated: May 29, 2020

What Does Sedentary Mean?

Sedentary refers to a tendency to remain seated or the tendency to be inactive the majority of the time. A sedentary job refers to a job that requires an employee to remain seated for most of the time, though can include activity no more than 2 hours out of an 8-hour workday and lifting no more than 10 pounds.


WorkplaceTesting Explains Sedentary

Examples of sedentary jobs include desk work, data entry, surveillance, driving, most computer-related careers and general office jobs. These jobs require long stretches of sitting in the same position, generally at a desk. 80% of the American workforce is now employed in sedentary work.

While sedentary jobs generally require the employee to be seated, sedentary jobs still require some activity to complete job duties that may include walking or lifting small amounts. Sedentary work can be an option for individuals who are physically incapable of completing other job duties.




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