Education Verification

Last updated: July 14, 2018

What Does Education Verification Mean?

Education verification is a process that employers use to review an applicant’s educational status, including grade point average (GPA), honors, major and/or minor programs of study, and highest degree received. Industries continue to grow at an exponential rate, making workplace competition difficult. Consequently, employers refer to academic achievements as a stepping stone to help them determine suitable candidates.


WorkplaceTesting Explains Education Verification

Education verification is one element associated with the background check that employers use before employing a candidate. Academic success establishes a benchmark for employers to determine a potential candidate’s level of aptitude. Companies always look at the highest level of education accomplished while factoring in distinguishing merits, such as honors status, extracurricular activities, and degree attained. The workforce continues to advance and evolve, meaning that employers will demand greater skill sets. As pressure rises, some candidates resort to falsifying credentials, making education verification an important part of pre-employment screening.


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