Employment Verification

Last updated: June 28, 2018

What Does Employment Verification Mean?

Employment verification is the process of identifying and confirming the credentials of all personnel for employment. Businesses request inquiries from third party employers who can accurately vouch for a current employee or former employee’s recorded documentation including job title, assigned responsibilities, and date(s) of employment. Companies will use this measure to represent the integrity of the current employee or potential candidate during or before employment.


WorkplaceTesting Explains Employment Verification

Employment verification is a standard procedure employers use to confirm that an applicant’s job experience corresponds to current or previous employment records. This method follows regulated bylaws strictly enforced by a company's human resources (HR) department. A company’s HR team is specially trained and exclusively authorized to handle and release employment verification upon request made by an employer. HR must obtain permission from the former or current employee before any information is released to the employer, which can include job title, responsibilities, salary and wages, and duration of time on the job.


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