Workplace Testing

Last updated: June 15, 2017

What Does Workplace Testing Mean?

Workplace testing refers broadly to any assessments used to determine whether a job applicant is suitable or desirable, or to assess the abilities, safety or performance of existing employees. Workplace testing is a broad area, and can include everything from personality and psychological testing to determine a potential employee's potential, to drug and alcohol testing to ensure that potential and current employees are able to conduct their jobs safely.

Workplace testing may also be known as employment testing.


WorkplaceTesting Explains Workplace Testing

Employees have a huge effect on how well an organization performs and how profitable it is. In workplaces where safety is a primary concern, such as in industrial settings, ensuring that employees are fit to contribute to a safe workplace not only helps avoid accidents, but possibly legal issues as well.

While some kinds of workplace testing are common, there are criticisms about its effectiveness as well as occasional legal challenges against its administration. Despite these challenges, assessing quality indicators of employee performance continues to be a key concern for many businesses.


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