Biographical Information

Last updated: January 6, 2019

What Does Biographical Information Mean?

Biographical information consists of information regarding an individual’s past. It includes information about an individual’s personality, attitudes, experiences, and skills. This type of data has been found to be a strong indicator of future performance. Biographical information may also be referred to as biodata, biographical data, or personal history data.


WorkplaceTesting Explains Biographical Information

In the workplace setting biographical data is collected and analyzed in order to assess an employee’s potential fit for a particular job. Biographical information may also be used to assist an employer in making decisions regarding a specific employee’s promotion or placement within an organization. Biographical data may be collected in by an initial employment application and interview or through targeted surveys intended to identify broad personality characteristics as well as specific skills or traits. Combining quantitative and qualitative information, a biographical data set will include information about an individual’s past behavior and experience, work style and approach, and personal ethical and moral framework.



Biodata, Personal History Data, Biographical Data, Background Information

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