Fit-for-Work Testing

Last updated: March 14, 2021

What Does Fit-for-Work Testing Mean?

Fit-for-work testing is an evaluation conducted to determine if a particular individual may safely perform work tasks based on guidelines determined by the needs of fitness to work goals. To be fit for work, an employee must be able to perform the essential tasks of a job without endangering that individual’s health and safety or the health and safety of others. The physical, mental, and emotional state of the worker are all considered during fit for work testing. Fit-for-work testing is also called fit for duty testing, fitness for work testing, fit for duty evaluation, fitness for work evaluation, fit for work assessment, fitness for work assessment, or fit for duty assessment.


WorkplaceTesting Explains Fit-for-Work Testing

Fit for work testing may be performed before an employee is hired, during the course of the individual’s employment, or following an injury or health-related leave of absence. Most fit for work assessments evaluate the specific worker’s physical capacity as it relates to the fitness for work demands and risks of that worker’s worksite. In conducting a fit for work test, an employer must remain aware of legal limitations affecting this process and respect an employee’s right to privacy while making reasonable and legal accommodations for a disability.



Fit for Duty Testing, Fitness for Work Testing, Fit for Duty Evaluation, Fit-for-Work Assessment, Fitness for Work Assessment, Fit for Duty Assessment

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