Pre-Work Evaluation

Last updated: August 28, 2020

What Does Pre-Work Evaluation Mean?

A pre-work evaluation is a series of tests and procedures applied before an applicant is hired or an employee begins a new job function. These tests can include health screenings, tests to determine strength or fitness to handle other physical demands, written job knowledge tests, company information testing, certain types of personality testing, drug testing, and any other evaluation tool required for a specific job function. A pre-work evaluation is sometimes called a pre-work screening.


WorkplaceTesting Explains Pre-Work Evaluation

A pre-work evaluation has the goal of ensuring that an employee will have the physical skills and endurance, necessary mental skills, emotional stability, and level of general health required to carry out and complete a specific job without injury to themselves or others. Pre-work evaluations must be tailored for specific jobs and should not include tests or evaluations not relevant to the specific job duties the employee will be engaged in on the worksite.



Pre-Work Screening

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