Security Check

Last Updated: February 20, 2019

Definition - What does Security Check mean?

A security check is a background investigation of a possible candidate for a job opening or company interested in a business relationship. A security check is primarily based on criminal records, financial records, and commercial records of the individual or company.

Other terms for security check include background check, security screening, and pre-employment screening.

WorkplaceTesting explains Security Check

Employers often request a security check on candidates for positions that opt for a high security position or that require a position of trust. An employer can decide whether to hire a government agency or private company to run a security check on an individual. Besides criminal, financial, and commercial records, employers can also use a security check to find out about the candidate's character, fitness and to verify the information provided on a résumé or curriculum vitae. A security check is especially required for jobs that include special security, such as jobs in airports, transportation, ports of entry, and work that involves caring for the elderly, children or people with disabilities.

This definition was written in the context of Occupational Health and Safety
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