Motor Vehicle Report (MVR)

Last updated: February 25, 2021

What Does Motor Vehicle Report (MVR) Mean?

A motor vehicle report (MVR) is an official automotive record that is held by the state. These reports contain information about a particular driver's driving history and license status. Any infractions the driver may have had over the last few years such as moving violations or license suspensions are included in these reports. Motor vehicle reports are often requested by employers when considering an applicant for a driving position in an attempt to determine if they will be a safe driver or not.


WorkplaceTesting Explains Motor Vehicle Report (MVR)

A motor vehicle report is an important tool for employers who need to hire employees to drive company vehicles. By requesting a motor vehicle report on a potential employee, and employer can lessen the chance they will hire a particularly "bad" driver by reviewing the potential employee's past driving behavior. Requesting a motor vehicle report can also be seen as due diligence and could have an impact on any legal actions against the company related to the employee's driving in the future.


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