Last updated: May 23, 2018

What Does Remand Mean?

A remand is the temporary custody of a person at any point after the preliminary hearing has been conducted but before sentencing has taken place, where a judge deems it reasonable to do so. Remand can also mean to return a case from a higher to a lower court for corrective action to be taken.


WorkplaceTesting Explains Remand

Where remand relates to temporary custody, the reason for the remand order is to either guarantee court appearance by the defendant, to maintain the integrity of the legal system, or to protect the public from potential danger.

Where remand relates to the return of a court case from a higher court to the court of origin, this typically occurs when an appellate court returns a case that has been appealed. There can be various reasons for this, however they invariably result in a new trial to be heard based on the reason for the appeal.


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