Restraining Order

Last updated: July 14, 2018

What Does Restraining Order Mean?

A restraining order is a civil law order granted by the courts for the purposes of providing protection from unwanted behavior by another person. A person requiring a restraining order must apply to the civil court. It is not necessary to have legal representation to apply for a restraining order but it is advisable in some circumstances.


WorkplaceTesting Explains Restraining Order

A restraining order provides protection against unwanted behavior that falls within four distinct categories – civil harassment, workplace violence, domestic or elder abuse. The unwanted behavior typically takes the form of harassment, threats, intimidation, stalking, physical or sexual abuse.

The order may instruct the person being restrained to either maintain a specific distance away from the person seeking protection, to remove themselves from the person’s residence or to cease acting in a particular manner towards the protected person.

Violation of the court order cannot be enforced by the police department but they can assist by addressing the unwanted behavior by the restrained person. When the terms of the order are contravened, the protected person can apply to the courts to find the restrained person in contempt of court which is punishable by paying a fine or jail time.



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