Social Security Number Trace

What Does Social Security Number Trace Mean?

A social security number trace is a report generated by the Credit Reporting Agency that identifies all past and present names and addresses listed against a particular social security number. The report includes the date of birth of the linked person as well as the date and place of issue relating to the social security number. A social security number trace is often shortened to SSN trace.


WorkplaceTesting Explains Social Security Number Trace

A social security number trace is often used to perform background checks. It helps to eliminate false information provided by applicants on their credit or employment applications. The trace does not, however, verify the identity of the applicant against the social security number supplied. A social security number trace that returns no results is most likely to occur where an applicant has no credit history, a data capture error has been made, or the social security number has only recently been assigned to the applicant. The trace may include details of family members or spouses if they have ever applied jointly for credit with the applicant.


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