Stricken Off Leave (SOL)

Last updated: June 21, 2018

What Does Stricken Off Leave (SOL) Mean?

Stricken Off Leave is a legal term used in the state of Illinois that relates to the status of legal proceedings. It allows the judge to remove the case from the court’s list of cases at that moment for a particular reason, and retains the right to reinstate or dismiss the case at a later stage.


WorkplaceTesting Explains Stricken Off Leave (SOL)

Stricken off Leave refers to an outcome of a legal case and is sometimes also called stricken off with leave to reinstate.This does not mean that the defendant has been either convicted or acquitted of a charge. The case is deemed to be dismissed with the onus being on the prosecutor to apply for the case to be reinstated within 30 days. If a person has been a defendant in a case where it was stricken off leave, they can request for the charge to be expunged from their record.



Stricken Off With Leave, Stricken Off With Leave to Reinstate

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