Last updated: May 24, 2018

What Does Verdict Mean?

A verdict is the ultimate finding of a trial determined by a judge or jury, based on the facts presented in a court of law. It is the official judgment handed down by the court which records the defendant as being guilty or not guilty. A verdict can either be guilty or not guilty within the United States, although some countries have further verdict options.


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Depending on the case, a jury may be required to reach a verdict. The jurors convene after attending the court proceedings and deliberate on the verdict that they must deliver. The jury must reach consensus on the defendant's guilt or innocence in private and advise the court when they are ready to deliver the verdict on one or more charges. If the verdict is not guilty on a particular charge, the defendant is acquitted (cleared) of that charge. If the verdict returned is guilty, then the defendant is sentenced or a fine is levied. It is possible to have multiple verdicts within one trial due to multiple related counts (charges) being tried at one time.


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