Willful, Wanton, Reckless Conduct

Last updated: July 30, 2018

What Does Willful, Wanton, Reckless Conduct Mean?

Willful, Wanton, Reckless Conduct is a legal term used to describe a person’s behavior where they display a perceived disregard for the life, well-being, safety, reputation, and rights of other people. It is used to describe a careless act of negligence that is conducted without reason by the perpetrator. The perpetrator acts with the awareness that negative consequences can result directly from the action that they take.


WorkplaceTesting Explains Willful, Wanton, Reckless Conduct

Willful, Wanton, Reckless Conduct is a form of negligence where a person acts in a way that is contradictory to how a reasonably careful person would act. Negligence is seen by the law as varying in degree. In order for the behavior to be classified as wanton recklessness behavior, as opposed to ordinary negligence, the perpetrator must knowingly take action or fail to take action that will result in harm to another person. In addition, the behavior must be significantly likely to cause harm.


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