Working Group

Last updated: May 22, 2018

What Does Working Group Mean?

A Working Group is a set of people selected for their expertise, or experience, to collaborate in order to produce a specific deliverable. A working group can be comprised of individuals from different roles, divisions, or organizations. The purpose of forming a working group is to enable the sharing of information and opinions between selected individuals to achieve the desired outcome.


WorkplaceTesting Explains Working Group

Working groups can be classified according to three different levels. These are dependent, independent, and interdependent. A department within an organization tends to operate as a dependent work group where a supervisor or line manager makes the decisions for the group. Independent level work groups rely very little on a supervisor as every member has their responsibilities and deliverables. An interdependent level work group is reliant on each member to produce the work required.

A working group is a set of people selected for their expertise or experience to collaborate in order to return a result, or solve a problem within an organization or industry group. A working group is typically appointed based on subject matter expertise and availability to participate.


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