Arrest Records

Last updated: April 22, 2019

What Does Arrest Records Mean?

An arrest record is documented proof of the extent to which a person has been suspected of criminal activity. The documentation is created and maintained by law enforcement and the judicial system when a person is taken into custody and placed under arrest. It is not proof of committing a criminal offense. An arrest record is one of the documents often looked at during background checks before a job offer is made. An arrest record is sometimes called a criminal record.


WorkplaceTesting Explains Arrest Records

An arrest record contains the most current information about the suspect such as address, social security number, race, age, height, weight, fingerprints, and photographs. It details the suspect's criminal history as well as any possible pending legal action. The record holds the particulars of the suspected criminal activity and identifies the nature of it as being related to either violent crime, theft, drugs, alcohol, traffic, or fraud.

An arrest record is not a criminal record and is therefore not proof of a person's guilt in connection with a particular crime.An arrest record can also be modified or erased in certain circumstances.



Criminal Record

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