Last updated: October 25, 2020

What Does Lawsuit Mean?

A lawsuit is a non-criminal legal proceeding initiated by an individual, or legal entity such as a corporation, to protect or enforce a civil right. A lawsuit typically involves issues such as breach of contract, financial disputes, personal injury, or damage to property. The purpose of a lawsuit is for the plaintiff to enforce remedial action by the defendant or obtain compensation for any damages resulting from the wrong committed.


WorkplaceTesting Explains Lawsuit

A lawsuit involves a plaintiff who files a petition with the court against a defendant who they believe has wronged them in terms of the law, and that the wrongdoing resulted in injury or damages to the plaintiff. The outcome of a lawsuit does not involve imprisonment, but rather an order from the court for the defendant to financially compensate the plaintiff or for the defendant to take a particular action such as refraining from a particular behavior.


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