Collection Site

Last updated: June 21, 2018

What Does Collection Site Mean?

A collection site is a fixed or mobile facility which has been designated for the collection of drug and/or alcohol test specimens. The facility is operated by collectors who manage the collection process by ensuring that all collectionpolicies and procedures are adhered to. The facility enables employers to send their employees for testing at an easily accessible location that maintains the integrity of the testing process.


WorkplaceTesting Explains Collection Site

The location of a collection site can be temporary in the event that an established facility is not readily available and the need for the drug test is immediate - an accident would be an example of this type of occurrence. A specimen collection can also be performed in a temporary controlled facility such as a restroom. The facility must provide the donor with individual privacy while producing the specimen and facilities for hand washing after the specimen has been produced. The facility must provide the collector with a suitable work surface and storage area to handle and maintain the specimen before it is transferred to the laboratory. The facility must be secure to prevent tampering with the specimen or with the equipment used during the collection process.


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