Human Resource Management Systems (HRMS)

Last updated: May 25, 2018

What Does Human Resource Management Systems (HRMS) Mean?

A Human Resource Management System is a software application that connects the systems and processes that exist within the human resource functions with technology. An HRMS is normally used to maintain employee records, manage remuneration and benefits, and keep track of employee skills, achievements and performance. The software application enables the automation of labor-intensive tasks and improves efficiency in the human resource department.


WorkplaceTesting Explains Human Resource Management Systems (HRMS)

Human Resource Management Systems are typically integrated with other applications within the organization such as Enterprise Resource Planning systems (ERP) and finance systems. The software application enables the human resource department to perform its functions through an electronic platform. These functions include recruitment, learning management, analytics, employee self-service, performance management, payroll and maintaining of employee and attendance records. The use of an HRMS also creates the opportunity for the human resource department to shift the responsibility of updating employee information and performing certain tasks to the employee themselves through self-service.



Human Resource Information Systems

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