Workplace Health Assessment Governance

Last updated: March 10, 2017

What Does Workplace Health Assessment Governance Mean?

Workplace health assessment governance is the established process for the planning, implementation, monitoring, and controlling of a successful and viable health assessment program in the workplace. Workplace health assessment governance is administered by a governing body who are mandated to make decisions on policies, rules and strategies for the sustainability of the program. The governing body is made up of representatives from across the organization, such as managers, supervisors, union representatives, and workers.


WorkplaceTesting Explains Workplace Health Assessment Governance

Workplace health assessment governance puts members of the organization in charge of implementing and monitoring the workplace health assessment program. The members of the workplace health assessment governing body are responsible for providing the required leadership and for formulating the strategy to enable the workplace health assessment program.

The appointment of the members can be brought about by a nomination process within the organizational units. They are tasked with determining the relevant procedures, guidelines, benefits and actions that will establish the initiative.

The workplace health assessment governance framework's primary objective is to make certain that the program reaches its stated objectives and that employee health risks are mitigated through the appropriate allocation of the organizations available resources. This is typically achieved through dedicating the required resources and senior management for implementation and ensuring regular and reliable communication with employees.


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