Last updated: April 22, 2019

What Does Cardiorespiratory Mean?

Cardiorespiratory refers to the combined effort of the heart and lungs to aerobically supply oxygen to muscles throughout the body in order to execute and maintain healthy activity. A person’s fitness level contributes heavily to the efficient interaction of the heart and respiratory system and provides a counterbalance between absorption of oxygen and removal of carbon dioxide.


WorkplaceTesting Explains Cardiorespiratory

Cardiorespiratory relates to a self-regulating body system performed jointly by the heart and lungs working as a filtering unit to absorb rich oxygen while releasing its byproduct, carbon dioxide. Exercise is a common activity in which heart and lung capacity is often tested in terms of level of performance and the duration of a training session. Individual fitness lends to the healthy integration of the cardiorespiratory system and its ability to build endurance with regular and incremental activities.


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