Last updated: May 23, 2018

What Does Cardiovascular Mean?

Cardiovascular relates to the arterial and venous network of the heart muscle and its relative function to provide a rhythmical cycle of blood throughout the body. This system allows for rich oxygen and composite nutrients to reach major muscle groups to coordinate necessary motor activity among other important organic functions to sustain life.


WorkplaceTesting Explains Cardiovascular

Cardiovascular describes the arterial and venous (vascular) pathways running to and from the heart and their interrelationship to circulate oxygenated blood to corresponding muscles and organs for the viability of life. Metabolism relies on the effective transport of important molecular units through the bloodstream until reaching their destination to nourish muscular and organic tissue. Cardiovascular health can ultimately determine the sustainable nature of both hard and soft tissue with regards to both developing and maintaining bone density and mass, and promoting skin growth and resiliency.


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