Oxygen Consumption

Last updated: May 29, 2020

What Does Oxygen Consumption Mean?

Oxygen consumption refers to the capacity of the cardiopulmonary system to absorb sufficient oxygen needed to perform and sustain workout sessions. Aerobic exercise is a common procedure used to allow health professionals to draw comparative data between the proportion of oxygen absorption in the blood and the excretion of carbon dioxide during expiration. A person’s oxygen consumption is adaptable depending on relative fitness.


WorkplaceTesting Explains Oxygen Consumption

Oxygen consumption relates to the cardiopulmonary system regulating the amount of oxygenated blood delivered to muscle groups while performing and sustaining vigorous training. Aerobic exercise can help ultimately determine the elasticity and strength of the cardiopulmonary system because it measures independent variables such as diet, duration, and resistance that affect the oxygen uptake to carbon dioxide expulsion ratio. Oxygen consumption is a changeable aspect of health, provided that endurance builds with intensity and the prolongation of an exercise regimen.


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