Anteroposterior (A-P)

Last updated: July 15, 2018

What Does Anteroposterior (A-P) Mean?

Anteroposterior (A-P) is most often used as an anatomical directional term indicating movement from the front to the back. In a broader sense, anteroposterior may be used to reference anything that relates to both the front and the back.


WorkplaceTesting Explains Anteroposterior (A-P)

Anteroposterior is an anatomical term of location, indicating that something begins at the front and moves toward the back. For instance, an anteroposterior projection (A-P projection) x-ray means an image taken with the x-ray beam directed from the front of the body to the rear. An anteroposterior view (A-P view) refers to viewing an x-ray film as if one is facing the patient. For example, when examinging the frontal view of a chest x-ray.


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