Last updated: June 21, 2018

What Does Fluoroscopy Mean?

Fluoroscopy is a method used to visually examine the inside of the body. Fluoroscopy is accomplished through the use of a fluoroscope. The x-ray technology used for fluoroscopy permits images of bone and soft tissue to be captured. Both still and moving images can be viewed using fluoroscopic techniques.


WorkplaceTesting Explains Fluoroscopy

Fluoroscopy is used for diagnosis and the facilitation of medical procedures. During fluoroscopy the part of the body being examined is exposed to a continuous x-ray beam. This beam passes through the body, capturing the movement of the patient's bones, soft tissue, and organs. The images created by this x-ray are then displayed on a video monitor. The images may also be stored digitally for later review.

Because the process allows the capture of moving images in real time, fluoroscopy may be used to guide a medical professional in the placement of medical devices inside the body. Additionally, the method is used to view the functioning of the digestive system, examine bones, and assess blood flow. In some instances, a contrast dye such as barium is used during a fluoroscopic examination.


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