Microalbumin Test

What Does Microalbumin Test Mean?

A microalbumin test is a diagnostic test used to detect levels of a protein called albumin in a person's urine. Albumin is naturally present in the body and is essential for cell growth and repair. However, the presence of albumin in a person's urine may be an indication of kidney disease or damage.

A microalbumin test may also be referred to as a urine microalbumin test or a urinary microalbumin test.


WorkplaceTesting Explains Microalbumin Test

When the kidneys are functioning properly, they filter the blood to remove waste products while necessary substances such as albumin are retained. If a urine test reveals that some albumin is being filtered out of the body, this may mean that the test subject's kidneys are damaged or not functioning properly.

Excretion of excess albumin at a level greater than 300 mg/day is referred to as proteinuria. In comparison, a normal level of albumin excretion is 30 mg/day or less. When testing indicates excretion levels of 30 to 300 mg/day, an individual may be diagnosed with microalbuminuria.

A person suffering from conditions that may cause kidney damage such as diabetes or high blood pressure may be asked to take a microalbumin test to assess his or her kidney health.



Urinary Microalbumin Test, Urine Microalbumin Test

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