Last updated: May 25, 2018

What Does Shunt Mean?

A shunt is a device that is used to drain excess cerebrospinal fluid from the brain, or spine, and redirect the fluid to another part of the body where it can be reabsorbed. A shunt is comprised of a one-way valve and two catheters. Some shunts can be controlled using a magnetic device.


WorkplaceTesting Explains Shunt

A shunt is inserted in the body during a surgical procedure in order to relieve the symptoms of conditions such as hydrocephalus and enable the patient to lead a normal and active life. There are three different kinds of shunt system, based on the destination of the redirected fluid. The three destinations are the fluid to the heart, the lung, and the abdomen. As the pressure of the fluid builds, the valve of the shunt opens and allows fluid to drain. The valve controls the direction, volume, and pressure of the flow of fluid. The patient can feel relief of the symptoms of many conditions requiring shunts within just a few days of the shunt installation.


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