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What Does Ultrasound Mean?

An ultrasound, within the context of health and wellness, is a medical technique used to diagnose internal conditions. An ultrasound uses sound waves detect and create images of the shapes within your body. An ultrasound is sometimes used for therapeutic purposes by bringing heat or agitation to a targeted body area. Ultrasound may also be referred to as sonography, diagnostic medical sonography, or ultrasonography.


WorkplaceTesting Explains Ultrasound

In physics, an ultrasound is a range of sound that human ears cannot hear. Thus, the sonography test employing high-frequency sound waves is often called an ultrasound. During an ultrasound scan, a sonar device transmits high-frequency sound waves through your body. When these sound waves encounter dense tissue, they cannot pass through and bounce back to the scanning device. These waves are then detected and the results translated into an image known as a sonogram. Among many other diagnostic and therapeutic uses, ultrasounds may be used to examine a fetus in utero, detect gallstones, or assess the condition of cardiac tissue.



Sonography, Ultrasonography, Diagnostic Medical Sonography

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