Carrier Neutral

Last updated: May 25, 2018

What Does Carrier Neutral Mean?

Carrier neutral, within the context of employer-sponsored health care plans, refers to a program or incentive that can be implemented regardless of the employee's selected health insurance plan, or carrier. This can also refer to an employer offering health insurance through several carriers so that the company itself is carrier neutral.


WorkplaceTesting Explains Carrier Neutral

Many employers offer employees the option to choose from among several health plan providers, or insurance carriers. An employer may also change providers from one year to the next. To implement an effective wellness promotion program, any such program must be carrier neutral. This means that the use and benefits of the program must be available regardless of which health plan carrier a specific employee has selected. In addition, if the employer offers a Consumer-Driven Health Plan, it is important that any administrator or custodian of the companion Health Savings, Health Reimbursement or Flexible Spending Accounts be carrier neutral so that the employee does not have to move health savings funds if a change in carriers is made by the employer or the employee changes employers.


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