Cohort Data

Last updated: July 29, 2018

What Does Cohort Data Mean?

Cohort data refers to information collected about a specific subject group related by a factor such as a time period, geographic location or event. A cohort study collects and records this data about the subject group. Often these studies will examine the same cohort group over a long period of time. Cohort data is useful for tracking trends or changes among a population subset, or cohort group.


WorkplaceTesting Explains Cohort Data

When collecting cohort data, researchers will seek to study individuals selected or recruited according to defined criteria. A cohort study might seek to observe only participants of a certain age or economic status. While cohort studies are common in many industries and fields, this form of study is particularly useful in the analysis of disease risk. Cohort data may be collected prospectively, following a selected group moving forward in time, or retrospectively, investigating the group members' past information.


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