Employer Wellness Report

Last updated: April 21, 2019

What Does Employer Wellness Report Mean?

An employer wellness report is a comprehensive assessment of the employer's health promotion and wellness program. The report is provided to the employer as a means of assisting the employer in making improvements to the workplace wellness program. A version supported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention assessing employer performance is called a Worksite Health Scorecard.


WorkplaceTesting Explains Employer Wellness Report

An employer's wellness report provides a detailed assessment of the employer's performance concerning health and safety promotion. The report does not disclose individual employee's confidential information but instead provides an aggregate review of the employer's wellness program. The assessment evaluates the effectiveness of the employer's health care programs in improving employee health. The CDC's employer assessment tool is called a Worksite Health Scorecard. Employers may access resources and tools at the CDC website to assist them in interpreting their assessment results.



Worksite Health Scorecard

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