Health Fair

Last updated: February 23, 2019

What Does Health Fair Mean?

A health fair is a workplace event that features educational activities related to a variety of health issues. It often includes representatives from various organizations that promote awareness of certain heath concerns and promote health and wellness, demonstrations of various health and wellness-related products and activities, education and demonstrations related to health issues that specifically pertain to the workplace, and health screenings.


WorkplaceTesting Explains Health Fair

A health fair is an employer-sponsored event designed to educate employees about specific health issues with the goal of promoting better health and obtaining a healthier workforce. Often these include participation from organizations that promote awareness of such health issues as diabetes, weight management, and proper nutrition. Organizations that may participate in a health fair include insurance agencies, the Red Cross, and local gyms. Demonstrations may include those related to general health education such as CPR training, basic first aid, and healthy cooking, or those geared more towards occupational health issues in the workplace such as ergonomics, proper lifting techniques, accident prevention, and refresher training on the proper utilization of a fire extinguisher. Screenings can also be performed for numerous health concerns including cholesterol, diabetes, blood pressure, vision, osteoperosis, and hearing.


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