Health Quotient

Last updated: January 2, 2019

What Does Health Quotient Mean?

A health quotient is a measure used to assess an individual's overall health and awareness of health issues. A health quotient assessment will evaluate an individual's health factors including his or her lifestyle and medical history and then assign the results a mathematical score. Determining an individual's health quotient often involves the use of a confidential survey, or interview of the individual, and a review of his or her medical history. Similar processes are used for a wellness score and health risk assessment although a health quotient is a specific process and algorithm.


WorkplaceTesting Explains Health Quotient

Increasingly, health care providers and employers seeking to promote wellness are turning to personal assessments to communicate health risks and raise awareness. One form of health risk appraisal used is the health quotient. Often available free of charge online, an individual can confidentially answer a series of questions and receive a numeric score and feedback regarding his or her health risks. The health quotient appraisal provided by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services provides lifestyle recommendations for improving the individual employee's health based on his or responses to the assessment.


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