Health Screenings

Last updated: July 29, 2018

What Does Health Screenings Mean?

Health screenings are medical and biometric tests that are offered to a group, or population, for the purpose of detecting or ruling out the presence of diseases, conditions, and general health risks. A particular group may be selected for testing but selection for screening is not based on an individual's risk factors. Health screenings are often used as early intervention or disease prevention tools within a community.


WorkplaceTesting Explains Health Screenings

Health screenings are often used in preventative medicine to identify whether an individual shows early signs of the risk factors for a condition. Universal screenings test all members of a specific population or group, such as individuals over a specific age. Case finding screenings are more selective and test only those who present with a predefined set of risk factors. Often, health screenings are offered as part of an employer's wellness program. These screenings are usually provided without regard to the health of the individual subject being screened. However, screenings may target worker populations based on environmental risk factors such as potential exposure to heavy metals in the workplace. Health screenings play an important role determining an individual's health risk appraisal.


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