Laboratory Testing

Last updated: February 24, 2019

What Does Laboratory Testing Mean?

Laboratory testing refers to the process of performing any medical tests or procedures that are conducted in a controlled environment where the appropriate equipment, supplies, and certified expertise are available. Laboratory testing can be simply referred to as a laboratory test or lab test.


WorkplaceTesting Explains Laboratory Testing

Laboratory testing requires the gathering of samples that can include blood, urine, tissue, or other substances in the body of an individual, which are sent to a laboratory. Testing on the sample will evaluate the reaction of this to different substances.

Laboratory testing will define various parameters depending on the test required:

  • Identify changes in health condition
  • Diagnose a disease or condition
  • Plan a treatment for a disease or condition
  • Evaluate the response for a treatment
  • Monitor the course of a disease over time.

In the context of occupational health and safety, laboratory testing can indicate the general health of an employee during health screenings or can detect the presence of drugs (both prescription and illegal) in workers.



Laboratory Test, Lab Test

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