What are some of the key things employers need to consider about ergonomics in the workplace?

By Work Place | Last updated: December 5, 2018

The first thing that any employer needs to take into consideration is that they need to make sure all of the functions that an individual is doing on a job site actually fit the way the human body works. So, for example, if somebody is having to do a lot of low level job tasks, they need a comfortable and ergonomic way to do that — they can't just be sitting on the floor, for example. So, perhaps you may want to consider having assistive technology of some sort. In workplaces where people are moving, ergonomics will help them move safely to prevent injury.

In an office setting, ergonomics is going to be designed to prevent the pain and injuries that can come from being immobile. So it might include standing desks, or adjustable keyboards and chairs, and other things that will help people maintain better posture and/or change positions more frequently.

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